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Harry Williams

Professionally I am a Online Entrepreneur, enabling people all over the world to enjoy a better life for their families and the ones they care about. I have decades of experience in finance and real estate services. Real life exposure in Relationship Marketing, Network Marketing and Social Marketing.

My wish is that everyone will see the benefits of the new global gold money as simple Wealth PreservationYes, I do consider myself an anti-central banker simply because our government should return to the printing and usage of United States Treasury notes, I most of all promote the use of gold as money.  My passion right now is creating life changing content and being the best transformational leader that I can be.

Professionally I have been a licensed Real Estate Broker in California and Georgia, with over 30 years of Financial Services and Financial products experience, an avid reader of life improvement skills and mastery leadership books. My desire to help goes from showing people how to acquire affordable gold as value retention against inflation & deflation, to leading the way into a changing dire economy with it many challenges. Both involve a new way of thinking, offensive skills beneficial in getting ahead & defensive maneuvers critical for survival.

Some of my cherished pas-times are watching Lakers Basketball, Infographics,  and consuming various Fruits from around the world. A few of my favored books are “Web of Debt” by Ellen Hodgson Brown, J.D., “The Fortune at The Bottom of the Pyramid” by C.K. Prahalad, “Secrets of Great Leaders” by Carol O’ Connor, and “Foods to Fight Cancer” by Richard Beliveau, Ph.D.

My own personal quote is: “You Must Be Tougher Than Tough Times” Harry Williams

I hope you enjoy my website!