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How 1 Billionaire Became A Gold Bug

My father was Hugo Salinas Rocha -“Salinas” was his father’s surname, and “Rocha” was his mother’s surname; the custom of using both parents’ surnames is universal in Latin America. Father was a successful merchant in Mexico City, and in the 1930’s he ran a store in downtown […]

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American Bullion Predicts Gold Price Increase with Trump Win

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — American Bullion announced that they agree with the recent Citigroup forecast that a Trump win in the presidential elections may cause gold to rise in price to $1,450 by Q1 2017. The Citigroup forecast stated that Republican candidate Donald Trump has grown […]

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The U.S. Dollar Hasn’t Been Linked to Gold for 45 Years. Here’s Why

Nixon ended the system that linked the value of the dollar to the treasury’s stock of gold It was 45 years ago, on Aug. 15, 1971, when President Richard Nixon announced that the decades-old monetary system that had controlled the U.S. dollar—and thus the world’s currency values—for […]

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Gold hovers at 2-year high in post-Brexit rally

Gold futures hovered at their best levels in about two years Monday in the wake of the U.K.’s historic and market-rattling decision to exit from the European Union. “We expect sentiment towards gold to remain buoyant during this extended period of uncertainty,” said James Butterfill, head of […]

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Gold Ends Higher Amid Global Uncertainty

By Stephanie Yang Gold prices rebounded to end higher on Friday as global uncertainty kept investors cautious and looking for safe haven assets. Gold for June delivery settled up 0.1% at $1,272.70 a troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, reversing losses […]

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In a shocking move likely to crush the US economy overnight, China is refusing to make its new gold-backed Yuan, convertible from or to US Dollars.  The new Yuan will be introduced next Tuesday, April 19. When the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed to add the Yuan […]

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Donald Trump”s Gold Holding Revealed

A Love for the Royal Asset With success came a true love of gold in all its manifestations. Trump has long been known for his love of the precious metal, relating it to royal tastes. In fact, analysts were quick to study the newly released 92 pages […]

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China Renminbi Approved As A World Reserve Currency

HONG KONG — The International Monetary Fund on Monday approved the Chinese renminbi as one of the world’s main central bank reserve currencies, a major acknowledgment of the country’s rising financial and economic heft. The I.M.F. decision will help pave the way for broader use of the […]

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Bullion Billionaires Who Like Gold

The following 15 investment gurus are among the wealthiest men in the world. All use gold as the perfect store of value with a view to preserve purchasing power against the loss of value of all fiat currencies. Here are the Bullion Billionaires who like Gold; Carlos […]

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China Reveals Gold Reserves

China Gold bullion bars displayed in a stack

China’s gold holdings grew by 604 tons to 1,658 tons since 2009, according to the data from People’s Bank of China revealed on Friday. The country thus overtook Russia to become the fifth largest holder of gold in the world. The information has been disclosed after a […]

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