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National Bank Notes

National Bank $2 Note image

National Bank Notes 1863 – 1938, Established with the National Banking Act of 1863. They were created to bring uniformity to the banking system which consisted of National Chartered Banks and barring State and Private banks from issuing their own currency. All notes were printed by the […]

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Fractional Currency Notes

fractional currency three cents image not gold backed

Fractional Currency 1862 – 1876, During and after the Civil War as a result of hoarding, the U.S. started to run short on gold bullion and silver coins needed for daily commerce. The Treasury Secretary came up with an idea to print small currency denominations on paper […]

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United States Notes

United States $500 Note image

United States Notes 1862-1971 Replaced the less than popular Demand Notes and were reimbursements for the banks for their advance of $100,000,000 leading to the Civil War. First issued as a fiat currency by the US Treasury Department. Very distinctive with the new Red Seal and red […]

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Demand Notes

Demand Note known as the first green back image
Demand Notes 1861 - 1862, Created through necessity for the Civil War funding by the Union. People in the North were hoarding gold and silver coins, therefore the new note was issued to get commerce moving and to pay back creditors. Printed without the U.S. Treasury Seal [...]Read more

Confederate States of America Notes

Confederate States of America currency image
Confederate States of America Notes 1861 - 1864, Issued just before the start of the Civil War in 1861, notes were sometimes referred to as "Greybacks". The first notes were from Montgomery, Alabama and the remainder was from Richmond, Virginia since the capital of the Confederacy was [...]Read more

Continental Currency Notes

Continental Currency image

Continental Currency 1775 – 1781, Beginning in 1775 the newly formed Continental Congress issued currency to finance the revolutionary war, called Continentals. Without solid backing of gold or silver and confidence from the populace, many in the new colonies were very distrustful of the new currency. The […]

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Colonial Currency Notes

Colonial Currency image

Colonial Currency 1690 – 1775, The year was 1690 and the first paper currency in the colonies was issued and printed, without the backing of Gold or support from the British Empire. It was called Colonial Currency. The Massachusetts Bay Colony being the first, eventually other colonies […]

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