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World Production of Gold in 2014

Gold worker in a underground mine image

World Production of Gold in 2014 – As estimated by the USGS, world gold production increased again in 2014. It increased from 2800 to 2860 tons of gold, an increase of 2.1% (the increase was 1.6% on average since 1928). The world has never produced as much […]

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World Gold Council Advisory

Gold bullion image with chinese writing on it

(Reuters) – China should increase its gold holdings to around 5 percent of its total foreign exchange reserves to help diversify currency risks, the World Gold Council (WGC) said. China currently holds about 1.6 percent of its foreign exchange reserves in gold, which is relatively low compared […]

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World War II Emergency Notes

Hawaii $1 note image

World War II Emergency Notes, After the attack on Pearl Harbor the US military surmised the Japanese forces would have access to vast amounts of US currency if the island was taken over. January 1947 a¬†military order was issued to recall all circulating US currency from the […]

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Obsolete Notes

Obsolute Alabama Bank note image

Obsolete Notes, From the early 1800’s until 1860s the United States Government issued very little federal notes. Obsolete Note is a term used to describe any State issued bank notes that are no longer redeemable at its face value. More than 3,000 State-Chartered banks issued notes in […]

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Federal Reserve Bank Notes

Federal Reserve Bank note $100 image

Federal Reserve Bank Notes 1915 – 1945, Authorized through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and labeled as “National Currency Notes” with similar function. They were payable only at the named bank and were not redeemable in gold money. Today they are referred to as “Brown Seals” […]

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Federal Reserve Notes

Federal Reserve $50 Note image

Federal Reserve 1914 – Present, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 provided for the issuance of Federal Reserve Notes and Federal Reserve Bank Notes. They both were redeemable in gold until President Roosevelt passed Executive Order 6102 in 1933. These Federal Reserve Notes known as “Green Seals” […]

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Treasury Coin Notes

treasury coin note $20 image

Treasury Coin Notes 1890 – 1899, With the growth of the silver mining industry, the Treasury Coin Act of 1890 required the Treasury Department to increase its purchase of silver bullions from individuals, and to pay for it with the new notes. This note is sometimes referred […]

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Silver Certificate Notes

Silver Certificate $5 Note image

Silver Certificate Notes 1878 – 1965, These notes were first issued in exchange for Silver Dollars and as a response to the “Free Silver Forces”. These early issues were called “Certificates of Deposit” because the Government had to place silver deposits with the Treasury Department. The most […]

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National Gold Bank Notes

Yellowish paper of the National Gold Bank note image

National Gold Bank Notes – 1870 – 1875, These notes were authorized as a result of the California Gold Rush and large transactions in gold coins. They notes were printed on a yellowish paper, essentially a hybrid of the National Bank notes and the Gold Certificates notes. […]

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Gold Certificate Notes

Gold Certificate as gold money image

Gold Certificate Notes 1863 – 1936, Legislation in 1863 authorized the Treasury to receive deposits of gold coins and gold bullions and to issue certificates to be receivable for duties or import. From 1933 to 1964, Gold Certificates in large and small sizes were illegal to own […]

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