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Gold Bullions as Assets..

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GOLD is a precious metal and the perfect “hedge” against inflation and deflation, gold has “intrinsic market value”. Gold has no credit risk, gold has  liquidity and it is globally accepted and traded around the world. Pure Gold bullions are the perfect alternative means of securing your family’s assets.

By keeping a portion of your savings in gold, you offset the losses of a devalued currency, and insures against economic uncertainity. Gold allows people to hold their wealth outside the reach of Government and Banks. Turn to the safe haven of choice that truly glitters – GOLD!

  • Gold is recognized by all global Central Banks as “Money”.
  • 194 Countries around the world accept Gold as money..
  • While Currency can be printed and devalued, Gold is proven to hold its value.
  • Gold money is without government liabilities attached to it.
  • Rising inflation eats into money (Dollars) stashed in a savings and digital accounts alike.
  • 31.6% loss in the U.S. dollar purchasing power since 2001.
  • Gold can function as money because it operates outside the financial mainstream.
  • Buying Gold is not about market price speculation, it is about minimizing risk to the downside.
  • Earn in paper currency, save a portion in gold bullion (Wealth Preservation Strategy).
  • Gold is Generational as a store of wealth.

In short, gold always has “Value”. Gold is security in a uncertain economy.  Buying gold allows you to protect your labor from rising inflation, financial deterioration and geo-political issues. Simply start exchanging a wee-bit of your paper currency that’s declining in value for a superior form of money, pure 24-karat stamped gold bullions…

This is NOT about investing Coins, Mining Stocks, Deriviatives, IRA’s, Pooled Accounts, Certificates, Allocated Accounts, Electronic Traded Funds (ETF’s), Crypto-Currency or Synthetic Instruments.

In the USA, states including Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, South Carolina, Arizona,  Georgia and Tennessee accepts gold as Legal Tender for the payment of  public debts.

Start Your Rewarding Journey With the “Gold Standard” of Financial Opportunities: GOLD BULLIONS

I’ve bought gold from another company before but wasn’t thrilled with not having my gold in hand. But with GoldMoneyAssets.com, I became interested in the gold bullion cards. So far I”ve purchased multiple ones in 2.5 and 5 gram bullion weights”.    Mark H. – Grading Contractor

My current savings weren’t keeping up with inflation rates, as I am not someone to put my money into something that is high risk. GoldMoneyAssets.com opened up my eyes to the benefits of owning gold. One thing that I really liked was in how there weren’t any surprises. I received what I was promised, which was 24-karat pure gold bullion.  I am happy”.   Elizabeth C. – Nurse

I have wanted to find a saving account that kept up with inflation and didn’t know how to go about it, a friend mentioned gold to me and I started to research online then learned about Karatbars “Gold Money Cards & CashGold”  Stephen D. – Insurance Adjuster

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